Our goal is to offer a unique approach and creative solutions to the Estate Sale process. We primarily handle sales in the greater St. Louis Area.a.

Debbie Schneider and her staff at Estate Sale Solutions, LLC, is here to serve and assist you during what can be a challenging and emotional time. Our caring staff is here to help you if you are faced with:


When you contact Estate Sale Solutions, we will make an appointment to view the contents of your estate. At no charge, we will meet with the homeowner, family member, executor, or family representative to explain how we can best offer solutions to your specific needs in selling the contents of your home. And of course, all discussions are completely confidential.
What We Do:

1. We customize our Sales to your unique needs regarding content, location, time of year, and subdivision/
       municipal restrictions.

2. Most often, we conduct a two-day weekend (Sat./Sun.) Sale. We typically need two to three weeks for
Three-plus day Sales (Fri.-Sun.) may be needed for larger estates.

3. Private Sales (by invitation) may be an alternative solution when subdivision restrictions disallow public
Sales. Our Consignment Program may be offered for more unusual situations (i.e. not enough items
for a full house Estate Sale or perhaps specific privacy issues).

4. We also offer emergency sales on short notification. A higher percentage may be charged accordingly.

5. We treat your property and contents with the utmost respect.

6.    We organize, and beautifully display all contents offered for sale. We ask that items be clean

 and repaired before we begin the set-up process. 

7.We treat your property and contents with the utmost respect.

8. We provide all tables, shelving, clothing racks , and display cases.

9. We research and price everything according to current market sales on identical and/or like items.

10. We sell all items in the estate including clothing, unopened food, partially used cleaning solutions, etc.

11. We notify and pay for Municipal Permits as well as work with subdivision Trustees.

12. We comply with all laws, rules, restrictive signage and designated No Parking areas.

13. We have a number system in place for entrance on the day of the Sale.

14. We limit the number of customers in the house when dealing with large crowds.

15. We hire a security guard (off-duty Police officer) if deemed necessary.

16. We pay for all advertising and marketing costs including photographs. 

17. We typically take cash, check, or credit cards for convenience in the purchase of items.

18. We have a qualified, friendly and caring staff who dress appropriately and wear name tags.

19. Our staff has professional selling experience in working retail sales.

20. We have a silent bid system in place for higher priced items. We typically offer a reduction in
prices on the last day of the Sale.

21. Your property is left in good condition. We vacuum, broom sweep, and remove all trash generated by
the Sale the next following day.

22. We pay our Client within 10 business days (once all checks have cleared). If circumstances deem 
necessary, we can take a cash only Sale and pay Clients approximately 24 hours after the Sale.

23.   We provide additional full services for absentee owners, busy clients, and those residing out-of-state.

24. If a thorough cleaning is necessary for the sale of the home, we offer this as a separate charge.
Firm bids are given on everything from window washing to carpet cleaning and everything in

We offer services above and beyond any other Estate Sale companies. Some of these services include: preparing the house to go on the market, choosing current paint colors, selecting new carpeting/ flooring, and choosing finishes and fixtures (i.e. faucets, handles), etc. We offer a full, professional Staging solution from small vignettes to rooms full of furniture.

Debbie Schneider has successfully prepared 58 homes in the St. Louis area to go on the market. Her experience in retailing (May Dept. Store Buyer), Real Estate (Laura McCarthy Realtors), Staging (owned Design Consultants, LLC) and years of shopping Estate Sales before working for several other top Companies has uniquely prepared her to gain your trust and confidence in selling the contents of your estate. 

You can reach her by Phone at (314-409-9712) or by email Debbie@EstateSaleSolutions.net. We look forward to hearing from you. All inquiries are addressed promptly and usually an appt. to view the property can be made within 24 hrs. 


Estate Sale Solutions