Question: How do you advertise? 

We advertise on EstateSales.net, Craigslist, some local newspapers, and other appropriate media.

Question:  How do you establish the value of our estate items?

Answer: If we believe an item has a high value, we will work with an appraiser. Other items we will price based on values in the market and what we believe based on our research and experience.  

Question: Can I be at the sale?

Answer:  It can be very difficult to be present when your possessions or family items are sold, therefore we ask that you not be at the sale.

Question:  What forms of payment do you take at the sale?

Answer: We accept Cash or Checks. Checks require a Drivers License and must be from a local bank.

Question: When do I get Paid after the sale?

Answer: Final disbursement of funds is within 10 days of the last day of the sale. We will provide a final accounting of all sales.

Question: What about left over items after the sale?

Answer: We will arrange to have any leftover items donated and picked up. We will provide the estate any donation receipts after pick up. The goal is to have an empty house at the end. We usually sell between 60-75% of whats inside the home.

Question: What about Auctions?

Answer: We have the ability to hold off site auctions. We can discuss this at our initial consultation.

Question: What if I want to sell any items after we sign the contract?

Answer: Once the contract is signed any sales of items inside the home are subject to the agreed commission rate and deducted from the final accounting. 

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Estate Sale Questions and Answers
Estate Sale Solutions, LLC,
provides complete estate sale services, transition moving, and downsizing.

Question: I'm downsizing or moving to a Senior Retirement home, is have an Estate Sale a good idea?

Answer: Absolutely - an Estate sale is not just for liquidating an Estate, it can also be for someone that is downsizing, moving, or transitioning into a new living environment where you don't have enough room for your current furnishings etc.

Question: Do you charge for a consultation?

Answer: No - There is no charge for an initial consultation to discuss your Estate Sale needs. We will go over the process of how we conduct the sale at this meeting.

Question: What commission do you charge?

Answer: Our commission rates start at 35%, and go up to 45% depending on the size and scope of the sale.

Should I get rid of anything before the Sale?

Answer: NO! Everything inside your house has value, right down to the napkins under the counter.

Question: What if my friends or family want items before the Sale?

Answer: If there any family heirlooms or items of sentimental value, by all means have family take them.  We do discourage you from giving away items to friends, you are just giving away money for the Estate.

Question: Should I just do a sale on my own?

Answer: It takes an experienced person to research, price and set up an effective Estate Sale, its not as easy as a setting up a garage sale. You could be losing a substantial amount of money.

Question: How long does it take to set up a sale?

Between 5 - 7 days to set up displays, tables and price and research items, photograph and advertise.

Question: What about my neighbors? Is there a great deal of traffic?

Answer: We will notify your neighbors of the sale date and let them know about the sales times etc. We also notify the local police and make sure we are in compliance with your neighborhood rules and city rules.

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